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Signal Compliance Solutions

Signal Compliance Solutions is a national engineering firm dedicated to providing Emergency Radio Spectrum Planning and Fire Code compliant In-Building Public Safety radio coverage for First Responders and Emergency Personnel.

Emergency Preparedness Plans for Campus Safety for must incorporate a reliable wireless communications. This includes testing multiple radio networks that must operate in an emergency:

- Campus Police / Campus Frequencies
- Local Police/Fire/EMS
- County/State Police
- Federal Law Enforcement
- Cellular Carriers
     64% of all E911 calls are made indoors from a cell phone
     Reverse E911 - outbound emergency announcements by voice and/or  text
- WiFi Networks - many smartphones utilize WiFi for voice calls

New Fire Codes established by IFC 510 and NFPA 72 Part 24 demonstrate the requirements for in-building radio testing to meet local Fire Code compliance requirements.

Signal Compliance provides detailed "heat map" surveys per frequency band.

If weak signal areas are identified, Signal Compliance installs and maintains signal boosters.

Signal Compliance holds the required FCC licenses and is manufacturer trained to operate the most advanced data collection and analysis tools on the market.

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