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October 2016 - ALCOMA-
RF Datacom announces ALCOMA Microwave's second generation 80 GHz radio, the Zenith C. The new platform offers superior performance including high power output and bandwidth capabilities up to 5 Gbps Full Duplex. The radios meet Carrier Ethernet standards, measured with RFC-2544 testing. Mark Reynolds, RF Datacom's President said, "ALCOMA continues to impress the market. The Zenith-C is absolutely the best 80 GHz radio available. Super high capacity, best network management, and offered at a very low price point. It's the best value in the industry".

September 2016 - Magnacurve - RF Datacom announces a new partnership with Magnacurve, the industry's premier manufacturer of magnetic antenna mounts used on water towers. The FlexMag Mounts and FlexMag conduit hangers significantly improves the process of installing antennas on water towers. The high strength magnets secure cellular panel antennas, omni antennas, parabolic antennas, and whip antennas. Magnacurve magnetic antenna mounts are more cost effective and safer than welding or using epoxy. Derek Boyle, RF Datacom's VP of Sales commented "It's a great product line and we're proud to be representing Magnacurve.The FlexMag lineup allows for easy and cost effective antenna installation on the top or side of water tanks. Magnetic conduit holders keep cables secure with minimal installation time".

January 2016 - Signal Compliance Solutions - RF Datacom announces a strategic partnership with Signal Compliance Solutions. The company provides in-building signal level testing for cellular and Public Safety radio networks. SCS' services are used by colleges, healthcare, office parks, skyscraper, and large retail to ensure adequate cellular levels are met. New IFC 510 Fire Codes demand in-building testing of structures over 30,000 square feet. In addition to testing, SCS installs DAS and other cellular booster technologies along with Public Safety (First Responder) signal boosters to ensure buildings meet the new fire codes. Mark Reynolds, RF Datacom's President is a major shareholder in Signal Compliance Solutions. He stated "New national fire codes demand in-building signal testing. SCS is at the forefront of the industry and provides the most comprehensive and professional testing services. SCS guarantees buildings are fire code compliant, and most importantly, safe for all occupants".

November 2015 - OMEGA 10 - RF Datacom announces the launch of the OMEGA 10G radio platform. The system operates up to 10 Gbps Full Duplex in the W-band. Data transport is Layer-1, offering extremely low latency for time sensitive applications. The technology has been deployed with the US Military since Jan 2013 and is now available to the commercial market.

Mark Reynolds, RFD's COO commented, "The OMEGA-10G is the perfect solution for wireless High Frequency Trading, offering ultra-low latency, unmatched bandwidth and military level reliability without radio interference. It's the preferred solution for spectrum congested areas such as financial centers. Healthcare and cloud computing are also emerging markets for the technology."

May 2015 - HFT Low-latency Network - RF Datacom and its partners completed a low-latency microwave project in the US and Europe. The network will be used for High Frequency Trading.




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