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RF Datacom - Sales Acceleration and Consulting Services for the Wireless Industry
Building successful relationships for our clients with mobile operators, wireless carriers, government, utilities, integrators, and OEMs

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Our Company

RF Datacom is a privately held Massachusetts corporation founded in 1994.

Our corporate mission is to identify trends in the wireless networking marketplace and develop valuable business strategies for our clients, addressing present and future opportunities in a dynamic environment.

We provide business development, outsourced sales activities and a full range of consulting services for the wireless industry and the financial markets.

RF Datacom's headquarters is in Kingston, MA, a coastal community located approximately 40 miles south of Boston, MA. It's a great area to work and live.

Management Team

Our management team is comprised of experienced leaders that have proven themselves as high achievers in the wireless industry.

They've previously held management positions with Tier 1 operators, CLECs, equipment manufacturers, integrators, government agencies, investment firms and venture capital firms.

The management team works closely with our clients to develop and implement the best solutions yielding maximum revenue results.

Sales Professionals and Consultants

RF Datacom's team of sales professionals have achieved an impressive record of accelerating sales and growing revenue for our wireless manufacturing clients. Each sales team member has a strong background representing equipment manufacturers. They have a clear understanding of the market and a proven track-record of achieving results.

RF Datacom's consulting team is comprised of graduates from the top business and technology schools in the US.  They carefully prepare and deliver accurate information for our financial and investment clients.