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Magnacurve FlexMount - High-Strength Magnetic Antenna Mounts

Magnacurve’s FlexMount high-strength magnetic antenna mounts permanently attach to water towers and steel structures. FlexMount works with all antennas: cell panel, omni, parabolic, whip, and yagi.

The mounts uses super-strength ceramic magnets with composite and steel materials allowing for the highest antenna and wind loads.

The installation is straight-forward and much safer than welding or epoxy - there's no need to drain and re-certify the tank. Even the cable trays and conduit are magnetically attached.

Six versions are available: 

Side Tank Mount – Light, Standard and Heavy Duty

Top Tank Mount – Light, Standard and Heavy Duty

All Magnacurve FlexMounts will survive 140 MPH at full antenna load (must be installed to correct specifications).

FlexMounts come with a Lifetime Warranty and may be ordered to match the color of the mounting structure.

The FlexMounts attach to any steel structure with a minimum thickness of 0.25 inches. A single mount can support up to a 6 ft parabolic antennas, multiple cellular panel antennas, and multiple low wind-load antennas.

FlexMount conduit and cable tray hangers simplify the process, allowing for rapid installation in a professional manner.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable antenna mount for a water tower or steel structure, FlexMount is the optimum solution.

Contact RF Datacom for additional information regarding Magnacurve’s FlexMount’s specifications and pricing.